Julie Hewett

Julie Hewett has created a stellar line of cosmetics straight from the heart, with passion, as a labor of love for her craft.

She is one of the foremost beauty makeup artists actively working in Hollywood today. and is also a member of the exclusive Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, of which there are only 150 members internationally in the Hair and Makeup Category. This honor is bestowed to those having demonstrated exceptional accomplishments in the art of Motion Pictures

An idea born of necessity on the set of Pearl Harbor , Julie needed to create her own line of long-lasting technicolor reds. The Noir Collection was the answer to the call for good, old-fashioned red lipstick made with today's updated, more natural ingredients.

Julie's philosophy has always been to work from the lips up. She was Inspired by her love of 1940's French black and white films, where the eyelid was clean and the lips were a strong sensual focal point. Throughout history red lipstick has been an absolute beauty staple, like the "little black dress". Embracing the divine, Julie has created these classic film noir colors which are ageless and timeless.

For every woman who never thought they could wear red lipstick, this is their line. Julie Hewett takes the intimidation out of wearing red. From sheer to matte with matching lip liners you'll be confident and feel beautiful.

Julie saw that even in this overcrowded marketplace there was still a lack of absolute beauty classics. Collaborating with leading chemists, Julie has made lipsticks of the highest quality natural ingredients. The lipsticks are made of a Camellia oil base, which is said to be the closest to human skin oil, creating a perfect natural texture. Also using pure essential oils for fragrance, such as rosebud and orange blossom oil. Julie Hewett's products perform to makeup artist's standards.

Celebrities have relied on Julie Hewett's exquisite eye for beauty for 20 years. We know you will too.