Brow Definer

Brow Definer

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer is an all-in-one triangular-tipped retractable pencil that features three distinct sides for detailing, defining and filling in brows. Perfectly blend the product using the custom spoolie end for a natural-looking finish.

How to Use
  • Begin by exposing only a small bit of product (about 2–3 millimeters); this allows for maximum control of the pencil and prevents overextension when applying the product. 
  • Remember all ABH products are highly pigmented, so little pressure is required. 
  • When using Brow Definer, start by defining the brow shape. Brush the hairs upward with the spoolie end. 
  • Then, using the flat side of the pencil tip, outline the bottom of the brow from arch to tail. 
  • Next, brush the hairs downward, and outline the top of the brow from arch to tail with the flat side. 
  • Brush the hairs back in place and fill in the brow from arch to tail using the medium side of the tip. Next, detail the front of the brow by creating hair-like strokes using the fine tip. 
  • Starting at the base of the front of the brow, press the tip down and pull up in the direction of the hair’s growth. Use this technique in areas where there is empty space. 
  • Continuously blend throughout.
Artistry & Pro Tips
  • Using the fine point of the triangle-tipped pencil, create hair-like strokes by applying light pressure and swiping in the direction that hair grows naturally. 
  • Perfect for quick, on-the-go application, use the wide side of the pencil to fill in the majority of the brow. 
  • Keep Brow Definer sharp by lightly swiping the tip on a piece of paper. Start by exposing a small amount of product, then gently run the widest slant side of the pencil in an up-and-down motion on a flat sheet of paper. This will restore its shape and refresh the tip and sides.

Features & Benefits
  • The formula features a perfect balance of wax and pigment for easy blending and flawless application (without skipping) 
  • The triangular shape is ideal for multifunctional use, allowing for versatility in application 
  • Soft, custom spoolie was specifically designed for blending color into brow hairs to deliver a natural-looking finish 
  • Available in 10 shades

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Anastasia Beverly HillsRomanian-born beauty entrepreneur Anastasia Soare launched her namesake brand with a Beverly Hills flagship salon in 1997 and the company’s first product line in 2000. Rooted in the sacred geometry of the Golden Ratio, ABH creates prestige cosmetics for a passionate prosumer audience. ABH has received numerous accolades for products including cult classics Brow Wiz, Contour Kit, and Liquid Lipstick, as well as industry-wide recognition for digital innovation. Soare was first to introduce and patent the Golden Ratio Eyebrow Shaping Method, which has gone on to become a modern beauty essential. ABH is committed to cruelty-free product formulation, testing, and development.

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