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Please Create an Account on nigelbeauty.com BEFORE submitting your credentials.

We require the following to sign up for a PRO account:

1. Use the same name & email address from your account sign-up.

2. Provide 2 forms of professional ID. You can provide a scan of your valid cosmetology or esthetician license or school diploma for Pro discounts, call sheet, invoice or other forms of professional identification.

3. Include a scan of your driver's license or state ID so we can verify your identity.

Note: For student discounts, please attach a scan of your proof of enrollment or valid student ID. (Student Discount is in-store only)

Please note: It takes 7-10 business days to process your sign-up.

If you're having problems sending us your information or have questions, please contact us at 818-760-3902 or email PRO@NigelBeauty.com.

A fax-ready MS Word .doc version is available by clicking here. Our fax number is (818) 760-4243.