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For 30 years Michael Davy Theatrical Cosmetics has created innovative make up products. Being an early Dick Smith Student from the 70’s Michael Davy had an enthusiasm for developing useful special make up products early on. He began his make up career with his father as a “masker” for the Masons applying “period” make ups and beards for Masonic rituals. While now retired from the set his career has grown from make up artist on the set to make up artist in the lab.
Today Michael Davy is the worlds largest bald capmanufacturer making thousands of latex, acetone and alcohol soluble plastic caps every year. Having began making bald caps in the early 80’s for Bob Kelly in New York and supplying the early Saturday Night Live his caps are now an industry standard. Many buy their bald caps from Hong Kong while Michael Davy supplies Hong Kong with bald caps!

In 1995 in response to a need by his mentor Dick Smith for a translucent cosmetic material to adjust color to the newly developed Silicone Gel-Filled Appliance. Michael Davy In collaboration with Dick developed a cosmetic grade acrylic medium called Silicolor, which could be used on both skin and the silicone. Silicolor soon became useful for more than just Silicone Gel Appliances. It became a fixing agent for cosmetics and led to the development of AGPC airbrush foundation, the first fixed prosthetic foundation for the airbrush. Today Silicolor is widely used not just for fixing make up but sealing and creating Tattoos.

In 2000 He developed the first water soluble cap plastic which he called Water-Melon. Water-Melon has literally changed the way make up is done. Appliances and caps made with Water-Melon can be applied with alcohol and blended with alcohol. Water-Melon has quickly become the best latex alternative available. Thousands of people can enjoy wearing prosthetics who before could not. Anything you can do with latex you can do with Water-Melon. Slush it , foam it, gel it, you name it!

In 2000 he has also developed the first Foaming Gelatin Kit which allows a lightweight gelatin foam where Foam Latex is not either possible or practical.

Certainly not a one product company Michael Davy Theatrical Cosmetics have been proven worldwide with distributors on every continent. From London to Australia his products are available where quality make up is needed.

Michael Davy Theatrical Cosmetics is fully Licensed by the U.S. Federal government and maintains the highest regard for safety and quality. Using FDA certified materials and allowing no animal testing. The choice of professional artists worldwide.

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